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Oregon City

Oregon City is located about 15 miles southeast of Portland, Oregon, and is the oldest incorporated city west of the Rockies. The city is rich in historical homes and buildings, and hosts several interpretive centers and museums dedicated to celebrating the pioneer spirit.


Wonderfully weird Portland, OR. A self-proclaimed "weird" city—and committed to keeping it that way— Portland does things a little differently. And these quirks are what give the city its eclectic charm. Locals are passionate about the arts, the environment, locally sourced foods, microbrews, green spaces, music and bicycle transportation, to name just a few of the things visitors will enjoy during a visit to Portland.


Relive the eruption of Mount St. Helens over 20 years ago at the visitors' center located in Kelso. If volcanoes aren't your thing, visit the Farmer's Market in Longview for plenty of fresh vegetables and local crafts. The historic train station is a major transportation hub located in downtown Kelso.


Take a step back in time to the city of murals, historic buildings, and antiques. Before you stroll through the quaint downtown, take a moment to tour the historic train station, built in 1912. It evokes Centralia's pioneer spirit and a time when steam locomotives rumbled into town over 40 times a day


Learn about state government at Washington's capitol. Visit the majestic capitol dome building and listen to a bill being debated on the legislative floor. The station was built through volunteers’ hard work and donations and is still staffed entirely by volunteers and rail buffs.