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Landslide north of Seattle causes changes

On Tuesday, north of Seattle buses will be provided for passengers. On Wednesday, Train 516 will operate as a train to Bellingham and there will be a bus between Bellingham and Vancouver, BC. Train 517 will be a bus between Seattle and Vancouver, BC. Trains 518 and 519 will operate normally. On April 17 and 18, all trains will run normally south of Seattle.

Amtrak Family Assistance Center is now open

The Amtrak Family Assistance Center is now open to assist passengers and families at the Courtyard Marriott in Tacoma. Additionally, families with questions about individuals can contact the Amtrak Incident Hotline at 800-523-9101 We are committed to taking care of our passengers and employees and providing them the highest level of assistance possible during their time of need. Learn more about the incident and view updates.