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Washington Youth Fare Program for Amtrak Cascades

The state of Washington offers free Amtrak Cascades travel for youth 18 years of age or younger. This program is supported with funding from Washington’s Climate Commitment Act. The CCA supports Washington’s climate action efforts by putting cap-and-invest dollars to work reducing climate pollution, creating jobs, and improving public health. Information about the CCA is available at

The free Youth Fare program is now available by booking your ticket directly through, rather than through this Amtrak Cascades website. In coming weeks, the two systems will be integrated to allow for purchase on all websites.


  • All passengers MUST have a ticket to ride the train, this includes those riding for free.
  • All children aged 15 and under traveling with an adult are eligible for the free fare.
  • All youth aged 16, 17 and 18 traveling alone or with an adult are eligible for the free fare.
  • Infants younger than 2 must travel in the lap of an adult and will need to be identified when booking the adult ticket.
  • Free fares are only available for trips beginning and ending within Washington state.
  • Free fares are only available for coach seating, not business seating.
  • Free fares are only available on Amtrak Cascades trains in Washington and Amtrak Cascades buses stopping at Seattle, Everett, Mount Vernon and Bellingham.
  • Free fares do not apply to Amtrak long-distance trains, including the Coast Starlight and the Empire Builder.
  • Children aged 13, 14 and 15 traveling alone as unaccompanied minors are not eligible for the free fares and will continue to pay the full fare.
  • Only eight people can be booked on a single reservation. Larger groups must book through the Amtrak Group Desk:
    • You can make a request for group travel using our online group travel request form.
    • You can also call 1-800-USA-1GRP (1-800-872-1477), fax your request to 1-800-872-3298 or send an e-mail to the group travel department at

Traveling beyond Washington state’s borders

If your travel takes you beyond Washington – to/from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada or to/from stations in Oregon – you can still take advantage of the free youth fare for the Washington portion of your trip. However, you will need to purchase two (or three) tickets – one for the Washington segment and another for segment(s) outside of Washington. Those who do not book separate tickets for travel outside of Washington will be charged the regular fare for their entire trip.

If you are an adult traveling beyond Washington with children under 16 years old, you must book two separate tickets for yourself as well. Your reservations must match those of your children. Note that this might result in a slightly higher total adult fare but will usually be less expensive for your entire group because of the free youth fare.

What if I already bought a ticket?

If you are eligible for the youth fare and you already bought a ticket for future travel at regular prices, you must cancel your original ticket and book a new reservation to get the free fare. Cancellation fees may apply based on the type of ticket originally purchased.

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