On Board



The Bistro Car offers a variety of fresh, local foods and beverages including soups, sandwiches, sweets and snacks, as well as alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Dine at one of the booths, sit at the counter, take food back to your seat, or relax in the Lounge car. The Bistro is wheelchair accessible and features panoramic windows. Amtrak Cascades is proud to feature products grown and made in the Pacific Northwest. Local favorites are featured on our Bistro Menu (pdf).


The Lounge Car is one of the best places to enjoy the passing scenery, with casual seating for 30, available on a first-come basis. Eat, read, or play a game at one of 10 tables. The Lounge car is wheelchair accessible.


If you're looking for a little entertainment with your relaxation, you're in luck. You may bring and use onboard personal electronic devices such as laptop computers, DVD players, and CD players (be sure to use headphones). Standard 110-volt electrical power outlets are available right by your seat to supply power to your electronic devices.

passenger courtesy

Please consider the comfort of others, particularly when your coach is crowded. Use earphones or headphones when listening to audio/video devices. When using your cell phone, please be considerate of other passengers around you. For calls of longer duration or louder tone, please use the vestibules between cars.


  • Do not leave children unattended.
  • Use seat backs and handrails while walking through the train.
  • Wear shoes at all times and use caution when wearing non-rubber soled shoes.

service animals

We allow trained service animals accompanying passengers with disabilities in all customer areas in our stations, trains and Amtrak Thruway motorcoaches. Trained service animals must be kept under the control of their owners or trainers at all times. We permit no other animals onboard at any time